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Can a Person With Dementia Sell Their House to Move Into Memory Care?

A court discussing and proving the legal capacity of a person with dement to sell his house.

Dementia is a progressive disease that affects a person’s cognitive abilities and memory. As the disease progresses, it can become increasingly difficult for an individual with dementia to live independently. Many people with dementia eventually move into memory care communities to receive specialized care and support. This process can be complex and comes with responsibilities, […]

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Can Stress Cause Alzheimer’s?

A conceptual meter stress level indicates maximum.

Our health and well-being are affected by how we feel. You’ve likely heard about the healing power of hugs, or laughter is the best medicine. Meaningful experiences or prolonged emotional states can significantly impact the mind and body. Unfortunately, negative emotional states can be similarly impactful. For example, memory impairment is a common problem associated […]

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How to Talk to a Parent With Dementia

a woman talks to her mother who has dementia

Aging is inevitable, yet it’s heartbreaking for children to see parents suffering from dementia. Memory loss and cognitive decline can make it challenging for people with dementia and their children.  Memory support provides custom care for loved ones with dementia. Living in a community with personalized services and amenities for people with dementia can lead […]

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10 Physical Activities for Seniors in Memory Care

two seniors plant flowers in a garden

Getting Started Staying physically active has many health benefits for all ages. However, seniors with Alzheimer’s or dementia can have physical and mental limitations, including problems with coordination, depression, or endurance. Memory support programs can help seniors discover and enjoy various activities tailored to their ability level. Memory care staff can work with seniors to […]

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Are Alzheimer’s & Dementia Different?

a senior woman sadly looks out to the distance

Alzheimer’s and dementia may differ, but they have a few things in common. Neither one is curable, and both require intensive 24/7 care in the later stages. Some assisted living homes offer special memory care services for people whose minds are affected by these terrible conditions. Even though there is no cure, both Alzheimer’s and […]

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